Piano Tuning

Having earned the title Piano Craftsmen, our seasoned technicians will properly maintain and tune your valued piano.

Piano Tuning

Our seasoned technicians will properly maintain and tune your valued piano.

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Pre-loved Pianos

Handpicked with full inspection and complete factory reconditioning.

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Player Piano

PianoDisc Player System will convert your grand piano into a full concert venue.

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Protect your investment and assure that it will safely arrive at its intended destination.

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Linda Ludovico

So let me tell you about my experience of hiring Kurt and Sean from Grand Purpose Piano. They were basically hired to upgrade my original PianoDisc player with a new Prodigy system. By hiring them I got so much more. They were at my house over 6 hours not only installing, calibrating and fine tuning the system but they also fixed any problem that I had with the piano itself.

Kurt’s attention to detail is impeccable! He will treat your piano as if it was his own. What I especially loved about the father son team is that they had expertise in different areas, so you are getting two for the price of one! I highly recommend them!
Thank you Kurt and Sean, my Baby Grand Petrof never sounded so good!

Mark Sanderson

Sean did a great job. He was friendly, professional and had no problem with my 94 year old mother watch and talk to him the entire time he was here. Our piano sounds like new!.

Britney Ard

Sean has come out to tune my piano twice now and it sounds great! He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to the inner workings of a piano and I learned a lot from talking to him. Very friendly, and great service!.

Herb Weiner

I want to thank you once again for the extraordinary work you did on my piano. I was getting so unhappy with its performance that I was on the verge of trading it in. Fortunately, your name was brought to my attention. After you voiced and regulated it in accordance with my wishes, I felt my piano was restored even beyond its original sound. Now I love playing it once again.

I must say that I felt I received excellent value for my money and that your professionalism and geniality made the experience a pleasure. Be assured that I will call upon you for my future piano service.


Kurt restored my 1932 Baldwin Grand recently and did a beautiful job. I bought it used in 1960, in excellent condition, and had come to love it more and more over the years. The piano served me well for a long time, and when I retired, I was finally able to spend some real time with it. However the need for either an overhaul or replacement was undeniable. For me it was a grand decision, and thank goodness I opted for rebuilding. And thank goodness it was Kurt Weissman who did it — and with a true GRAND PURPOSE.

Thanks to Kurt’s expert craftsmanship and caring attention to every detail, I am totally satisfied and enjoying my considerable time with Messrs. Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, etc., more than ever before.


Just got a voicemail from Joanne at First Presbyterian. She featured the Yamaha piano in this Sunday’s service and she said both she and many parishioners were “awestruck” (her word) at how beautiful it sounded.


Just wanted to let you know that the piano received “grand” reviews yesterday morning!

People are so excited and many said they just couldn’t believe what a difference it made in worship. Councils members are saying so that’s what you meant by aesthetics and tone!