Custom Finish

A family heirloom piano brings back vivid memories of our childhood. Memories of the whole family sitting around the piano singing, grandma practicing her concertos, grandpa sitting down after a long days work to create a beautiful masterpiece, and the fond memories of yourself as a young musician practicing your scales over and over.

Now as an adult you’ve taken possession of this piece of family history and may have children of your own that you would like to share these moments with. Truly special instruments in your home that speaks volumes to your heart.

But as time marches on, so does decor. What once fit the decor of our childhood homes, just no longer fits the way we desire it to.

Bring your piano back to life with GrandPurpose Custom Finish.

Our process provides a reliable and affordable way to fit your piano into your color scheme. With a team dedicated to excellence, we can transform your piano. Assure your piano plays right and looks fabulous by choosing GrandPurpose Piano.